Sunday, September 12, 2004

Here is how to get past websense

This gets past websense and other internet filters found in schools.
Okay here is what you do 1) create a folder on your desktop called opera
2) go to This site and download the opera program into the folder you just created
3) Click the install to start installing the program. WHEN IT ASKS WHAT DIRECTORY TO SAVE IT TO MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE YOUR OPERA FOLDER!
4) after you install the opera program into the opera folder burn the entire folder onto a CD
5) When you get to school (or whereever you need to get around websense) Put in the disk.
6) go to my computer and select the cd drive its in and then open the opera program
7) When inside the opera program click settings (or options..somthing like that) and then click prefrences.
8) click on the tab that says network, then click pr0xy servers
9) where it says http there should be a box to type next to it
10) in the box put one of the pr0xys in the pr0xy list
11) surf the web freely (a few porn sites may be blocked but thats it)

Pr0xy list Server Port 8000 80 80